Chansons, Cathars and Cavemen

A visit to the museum for the French troubadour Georges Brassens had long been on our wishlist. So, being in Séte, we simply had to go and see Georges.

Around noon, we drove south right along the sandy beaches and then headed southwest into the wild Cathar countryside with caves in the mountains and fortified chateaux on the promontories.

We took a closer look at the Cathar fort at Aguilar that was besieged and partly destroyed in the 1200's during the downslaughter of the Cathars by the Vatican crusaders.
Nowadays, the area has many intensely cultivated vineyards with grapes of high quality and famous domaines. These particularly old and neatly shaped vines attracted my interest:
My guess is that these vines will eventually carry grapes for the Cru Fitou.
Thence, we spend the rest of this warm and beautiful day in the tiny and quiet village, Tautavel,
where we've settled for the night in the B&B L'Abri sous Roche.
Tautavel is the renowned location for the earliest Europeans, our ancestors (by a 3% DNA donation, anyway): The Neanderthals.
Tomorrow, we will go and say hello to this guy and his fellow cavemen and -women.