So, we're on the trail: the Otago Central Rail Trail. 
Five years ago the old iron rails and the old wooden sleepers were removed – and the 100-years-old Central Otago railway was turned into a new rail trail.
Today's stage from Clyde was 44 km and took us through very beautiful landscapes ...
... with the odd farms and stocks here and there ...
... but mostly just scorched and semi-arid areas; even the ubiquitous thistles dry out.
Bladder Campion (Silene vulgaris).
At a few places plants were still flowering and some birdlife was present.
Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus).
Manuherikia River.
Along the Manuherikia River we pit stopped at Chatto Creek tavern, said g'day to Honkey the donkey ...
... and enjoyed a light lunch, including a freshly made "donkey doo".
This photo is for Frank D. – We got away unseen!
After that it was all "downhill".
We arrived in the village of Omakau and our accommodation "Tiger Hill Lodge" where we were expected.
On our way around the Omakau neighbourhood we passed the Daniel O'Connell suspension bridge over the Manuherikia River.
. . .
Cloud cover allowing, I will try to take a few evening/night/stars photos later on, as the lodge is suitably located for that. – We'll see.