Today's trip went to Montpellier to deliver 60% of the party to return to CPH on Air France. Thence, we drove to Sète to enjoy the canals and the proximity of the Mediterranean sea. We were surprised to find the city complete cramped with people and cars. The reason was a multi-days festival for the harbour that had its 350th anniversary.

The French Air Force made a couple of fly-bys to apply some extra tricolore flavour to the party.
We strolled alongs the canals and enjoyed the pleasant evening with a lot of local folkloristic life celebrating the harbour and the history of the city Sète.
We ended up in a restaurant hoping to have some bouillabaisse (local fish soup) but it was all sold out. We settled for something less spectacular, that was almost OK, –
and window-shopped for an extra dessert...
... as we walked back to our Hôtel de Paris, seen across the canal on the photo below.
The Belgian flag was at half mast on the bridge, commemorating the victims in Bruxelles last week.
– and night has fallen on Sète, the Venice of France.