This morning we left our bikes for good and headed east for new adventures.
As Saturday is the big market day in Sarlat, the main street was turned into a place for numerous stalls with all kinds of (mostly non-food) items for sale at special prices.

The is the olive stall.
We found the stop for the #6 bus to take us to Souillac, but we were 30 minutes early; – So there was just enough time for some coffee at the nearest bar.
After an hour's bus ride eastwards we reached Souillac, another town on the Dordogne
We are now installed in Pavillon Saint-Martin and our room is behind the left window in the above photo. We are facing the magnificent 900-year-old Abbaye de Sainte-Marie ...
... and here's our private view towards the old church and abbey.
Inside, the interior reveals beautiful romanesque vaults, ornamented column heads and other skilled masonry from the 11th century.
Outside, the weather has turned cool and quite autumn-like with a bit of hail in the showers.
It is time to harvest the grapes if you don't want to let them sit and slowly turn into raisins.
Tonight we will meet our new bikes, eat a lavish French meal – and then pack for an early start tomorrow along new routes, trails and pathways through this rich part of France.