Springs' summer

Hanmer Springs is experiencing some very hot summer weather (i.e. above 30°C) with very strong winds; an awesome and very dehydrating combination.  Therefore, a morning stroll in the shady nearby forrest was a good idea.
Not much wildlife to spot, though, but a lone brook char was snapshot.
However, farther along the trail I encountered a giant lurking amongst the trees ....
... and he looked like a relict from the moa era some centuries ago.
Other giants were still very much alive, especially the humongous radiata pine trees.

In the afternoon, we were ready to do just about anything,
which turned out to be a leisurely promenade in downtown to see what might actually be happening on a lazy summer Wednesday.
After some shopping we persuaded ourselves to visit a local café with some excellent "flat white" brew.
. . . 
Tonight, I may brave the heat and venture out to get some blue hour shots.  Stay tuned  😎