Picasso, Rodin and rememberance

A very long day out and around in Paris.
First stop was Sacré-Coeur Basilica to enjoy the view over the city on this sunny day. Meanwhile, the St. Denis police raid was going on not too far away from Mont-Martre.
Then the Metro to the Musée de Picasso à Paris where we got Pablo Picasso in all versions and varieties.
Lunch in a nearby park and then we walked to Place de la Republique in the 10th arrondissement to pay homage to the victims of Friday's attacks. Overwhelming and moving to see all the quiet people assembled and the mountain of flowers, notes, candles etc. A few policemen in the perimeter.
Place de la Republique memorial location.
Paris does not succumb to the fear !
Then off to the newly opened Musée Auguste Rodin for France's world famous sculpturer.
The gate of Hell
The Thinker
Rodin Museum, Les Invalides church and Eiffel Tower.
After that I walked briskly to Basilica of the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower to enjoy both structures illuminated.
Les Invalides
The Latin text reads: Tossed but not sinking.
At the end we walked slowly back home along the Seine. A 12-hour day but a beautiful and full one.
France's National Assembly in Bleu, Blanc, Rouge.