April in Prades

Having endured the past 24 hours shrouded in very low and wet clouds, we ventured into Prades, 5 km away, to visit the church, Eglise de Saint-Pierre, and shop a bit. 
The rather common-looking church provided a genuine surprise once we got inside: A huge baroque altarpiece, all carved in wood, gilded and painted. An overwhelming piece of Baroque art – and the largest in all of France.
Good old Saint Peter is sitting in the very middle surrounded by a multitude of voluptuous details and baroque saints and angels.

Outside the regime of St. Peter, the mundane Friday moved on and the French Postman Pat used his electrical bike to deliver the mail ...
... and the local dog poop police was out patrolling the sidewalks.
We were happy to find a small museum for a local painter, Martin Vivés, and enjoyed his colourful paintings.

Finally, we stopped by an artisan bakery and stocked up with various software that was later enjoyed on the terrace at home in Marquixanes.
A very good start of April Fool's Day, – but it's all true.