We've decided to leave Marquixanes a day earlier than planned in order to get some time in Montpellier so we could see the city's great art museum Musée Fabre.
The museum holds very diverse and representatives collections of paintings from around 1480 and until today.
by Giovanni di Ser Giovanni, 1480
by Pieter Breughel the Younger, 1616

by Achille Laugé, 1896
by Jean Bessil, 1964
However, the museum may be most famous for its grand collection of black paintings by the French artist Pierre Soulages (*1919 and still going strong).

That's it then!
No more art museums during this holiday.
Montpellier is a very lively city filled with young people. 
Lots of things are happening in the streets.

Tomorrow, we will be heading north to Denmark.
Merci pour nous!