We've been here for two weeks now and still have 14 days to spend.
The young bikers have left us, so we are just a twosome.
Yesterday, we went on a long sunrise walk along the beaches ...
... and took an even longer afternoon hike in the woods/jungle northeast of here,
White-faced Capuchin
 where we met this distant cousin and three more of its kin.
Weather stays the same every day: Sunny, hot and humid.
All nights are dark, hot and humid.
However, we have finally adjusted to the tropical climate.
This morning I watched the brown pelicans fishing off our beach.
See more pelican shots in the Costa Rica photo folder.

We are still without cabled internet connection. The company is reportedly trying to fix a major and regional data break-down. Therefore, the blog will be updated only infrequently as I have to use my telephone for connection.