Another very cool night followed by thick morning fog that eventually cleared away around 11 am. We spent most of the morning hours visiting our neighbour in Les Eyzies: Musée National de la Préhistoire.
The museum focussed on Cro-Magnon tools and tool making as well as the fauna in this Vézère valley around 20,000 years ago.
Unfortunately, the displays were mostly catering to flint nerds and profs interested in the minute details of the making of tools. 
The numerous flint and bone fragments didn't have a great appeal to the ordinary visitor.
A few displays dealt with the mega-fauna of the period, like this whole specimen of a Wooly Rhinoceros that once fell into a tar pit and thereby was preserved. The sketch in the background is a contemporary piece of art from one of the local caves.
The exhibited examples of carved sculptures made by Cro-Magnons were very fascinating. Here is a Steppe Bison ...
... and here three horses.
We said goodbye to the lovely town of Les Eyzies and headed towards the southeast. Our next destination was the village of Vitrac on the northern bank of the Dordogne river.
After a pleasant 35-km ride we arrived at Hôtel Plaisance where we are now. The weather is absolute marvelous and the insects are all busy in the flowers of the hotel garden.
Here is a friendly but parasitic wasp enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.

In 45 minutes we will proceed to the restaurant and have yet another delightful French dinner.
Bon appétit !