Last evening we arrived in Christchurch from Hanmer Springs by bus. Stayed overnight in a new (i.e. post-earthquake) hotel with tiny rooms and a view over the many, many free parking lots (where buildings used to stand) and boarded-up buildings (to be demolished or repaired). The awful scars of the devastating quakes 8 years ago are still very much a part of the cityscape.
View from our room.
In the morning we walked to the bus terminal to catch our French Connection bus.
Above are all the things that are illegal to do inside the bus terminal. You can ride a wheelchair, though.
 We rode the bus to Akaroa, a small village in a grand 8-million-years-old volcano setting on Bank's Peninsula, about 85 km southeast of Christchurch. 
En route we had a "comfort stop" at Little River ex-railway station where some of our Chinese fellow travellers engaged in their ubiquitous photo-posture events.
However, we made it to the top of the old volcano crater and enjoyed this view:
Akaroa is on the far side of the bay to the right.
Presently, we are staying in a marvelous B&B in Akaroa with a sublime 2-acre garden.
The weather remains hot and Mediterranean ...
Clapping Cicada (Amphipsalta cingulata)
... and the cicadas are singing their high-pitched mating songs as noisy as ever.
The kereru, a huge endemic New Zealand pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) is the biggest native inhabitant of "our" garden. 
. . .
Akaroa is a sweet spot on the map with quite a bit of French atmosphere, although it is almost 180 years since 63 French immigrants from Rochefort, France, arrived in Akaroa to plant the Tricolore, create a French colony, settle and get a new life in a new world far away from revolutions. (History tells us that it didn't go according to the French plans).  –  However, Akaroa isn't far enough away in today's world to avoid US immigration politics.

The goodnight sky with Orion as seen from our terrace.