Made in France

A cloudy, calm and wet day, – all day. Tuesday is market day in Prades, so we set off early to beat the crowd. However, the crowd had already arrived and P-spaces had become an endangered species when we showed up. We aborted the mission and after noon we dragged ourselves out on a much needed walk to view our village from yet a new angle.
After that outing we felt a pressing need to shop some dairy products.

It's truly awesome what a supermarket like Super U has to offer in types and varieties of fromages and yaourts, ...

... and all are Fabriqué en France by French happy cows and goats. [:-) Merci ]:-)

Our favourite artisan baker was then paid a visit 'cause we had an urge to bring some cakes home for indoor consumption.
An almond bread, a fragilité, a cream-n-coffee cube, a chausson au pommes, and a holy cross (i.e. croissant).
– Lots of puff pastry and lots of butter vitamins, ... and lots of good taste.