Every Saturday, Prades has a local producers' market with all kinds of organic produce from A to Z. We went there to look and bought some mató cheese and some excellent bread. 

Thereafter we went "door-shopping" up and down many alleys, passageways, lanes and back streets checking out the old, decorated, colourful, strange or small street doors of people's houses.

Message on the flower pot says: "Be kind and not steal the flowers".
The inhabitants of #13 must be hobbits, the street door being only 4 feet high.
One of the places we passed was this:
Commemorating France's great WW2 hero and later president, General Charles de Gaulle, and his appeal of June 18, 1940, from BBC, London, to the French people to rise against the German occupation and the cooperating Vichy government.
Often names of streets and places offer an insight into the history and culture of the country.
In the afternoon, we drove to Mosset, supposedly the perfume production village par excellence in this part of France. What a tourist trap! The village itself is picturesque enough but the perfume part of the deal was largely absent and substituted by a tiny and odd museum about local artisans, that didn't include perfume producers.
But we did encounter a friendly tomcat!