Today, we climbed over the mountains from the Céret valley to the valley of Marquixanes and Molitg-les-Bains. A serpentined road if there ever was any. 
One the way we paid a visit to the Priorie Notre Dame de la Serrabone, a 1000 years-old church on the famous pilgrim road towards St. Jacque de Compostella.
Once in the valley, we went and had a coffee in a local Café de France and watched the old men playing boule among the plane trees.
Platanerne var hule, bladene var gule, og mændene spillede boule
Later on we drove to Marquixanes to check out a house that would be an ideal place to stay during the early spring next year, ...
... a place with this magnificent view of one of the highest peaks in the Pyrenees: Mount Canigou.
We ended the day at a **** place, the Château de Riell, a most recommendable place in all aspects.
The most wonderful place to eat a splendid breakfast