Pyrénées Orientales

We are enjoying the warm fall in southernmost France in the foothills of the Pyrenees. A rented flat in Perpignan is our base and for two weeks we are exploring the amenities of this beautiful part of France.
Perpignan has a surprising number of cultural sights and activities to offer. Between 1200 and 1659 it was first the capital of the Kingdom of Mallorca, then later is was part of the Kingdom of Spain. It used to be an extremely well fortified border town and the main fortress is still standing, despite its 800 years.
We have been exploring the medieval sections of Perpignan with a multitude of very narrow alleys and smells of garlic, spices – and humans.
In a valley leading into the Pyrenees the town Céret offers an waterhole for artists and art buffs. Céret has an extraordinary Musée d'Art Moderne which is a must-see, especially if you (perhaps) like the productions of cubists and cubism.
Many paintings have been painted on location downtown Céret, so one can compare the real world with the one in the brains of the artist.
Villefranche-de-Conflent is another amazing border fortress with a complete village inside its very thick walls. An obvious ***** UNESCO World Heritage site!
We do our best to adopt to the relaxed French way-of-life. Most boulangeries and pâtisseries are visited and we enjoy spending time (window) shopping – and admiring very French cakes, very French cars and very French dogs.
Check the photo album at the upper right, – and stay tuned for blog updates ...