Yesterday, we took our last excursion and visited the penultimate coastal town before the Spanish border: Banyuls-sur-Mèr.
This is the hometown of the famous sculptor Aristide Maillol and we, therefore, had to visit his museum which was 5 km out of town in a most peaceful little valley.
The tranquility is complete is the valley of Musée Aristide Maillol
The vineyards are all terraced on steep hill sides. The predominant grape here is Grenache.
Grenache grapes, at their very latest stage, give the wine a distinctly warm, raisiny taste as well as an exotically strange smell.
We followed in the footsteps of Aristide throughout the town and saw a lot of really beautiful alleys, pathways, stairs and streets.
 ... and ended up, as usual, in a café for some well-earned refreshments !