This sunny and warm Wednesday got off to a pleasant start at 9 a.m. when we left Ulrika's B&B in Tingsryd and headed westwards.
Overnight the tiny "Circus Bambino" had entered town and was getting ready for a show later today.
We said Hello and Goodbye and were soon immersed in the lovely landscape.
We took a detour to a nature reserve ...
... where we stopped and enjoyed ourselves botanizing for plants and insects.
Wild and delicious raspberries.
The huge and voracious Yellow Assassin Fly (Laphria flava).
The butterfly Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae).
In late morning we reached the south end of the enormous Lake Åsnen and the village of Urshult. 
We replenished our dwindling pastry stock at Urshult's famous baker shop; – and with diligence, the acquired software was duly consumed at the lake shore.
The trail onwards led us through even more stretches of mossy blueberry spruce forests ...
... until we arrived at the river Mörrum that flows under this magnificent 8-arches bridge. "Holmabron" is 200 years old and the longest stone bridge of this kind in Sweden.
We knew that we had booked a room at the adjacent Blidingsholm in a facility on the river bank close to the bridge ...
... and we were pleased to find that our GPS took us right up to this splendid building.
However, nobody was around and apart from a constantly mewing old cat, the house was locked and not accommodating. After an afternoon snooze on the lawn and some reconnoitering in the neighbourhood we realized that our home for tonight was not the big villa but a rather humble hostel 1 km away.
We are surrounded by really beautiful landscape and if the weather will cooperate tonight I shall attempt to do some night photography. Let's see how that will turn out.
- - -
Tomorrow, we will leave Småland and bike southwards into Blekinge and end the stage in the town of Karlshamn on the coast of the Baltic Sea.