Today has been a sunny and warm Friday right from the beginning. We continued our fossil-free bicycle life on the trail and headed along the Baltic coast.
In the village of Mörrum we once again met the mighty river Mörrum now a roaring monster as it cascaded its waters down over the rapids adjacent to a world-famous salmon fishing location.
We enjoyed a tea break in the shade amongst the rapids ...
... and took some time to explore the favourite fishing pools and the fishing gear shop close-by.
Lures and flies of ALL sorts were available; hopefully irresistible to any trophy-sized salmonid.
One of the biggest salmons landed here by means of a fish fly was this whopper ...
... weighing impressive 22.9 kg and 121 cm long.
Lunch was enjoyed with this view right on the shore of Pukavik bay. It is hard to imagine any place more beautiful.
The sub-surface view was rather more limited.
After another 10 km we reached the extensive reed-covered wetlands in the eastern outskirts of Sölvesborg ...
... and proceeded towards town on the longest pedestrian-bicycle bridge in Europe.
We took a leisurely stroll in downtown which was OK but not spectacular.
However, we noted this stone commemorating that Christoffer I, king of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Wends and Goths, in 1445 allocated city privileges to Sölvesborg. This part of Sweden was indeed very Danish – once upon a time !
Well, back to the Swedish present. At the harbour front we encountered this rocky installation with DIY poetry.
We are spending the night in an old villa called Hotel Humbla ...
... that has this interior look as seen from the door to our room #7.
– – –
Tomorrow, the old fortified city of Christianstad will be our destination.