The local weather forecast promised a risk of rain showers; – and it was spot-on!
Following a luxurious and über-delicious breakfast we mounted our vehicles and set off in heavy rain.
We managed to find the very start of the Sydostleden bike trail and headed towards the distant town of Tingsryd, today's destination.
Outside Växjö, on the lake shore, this medieval-style 120-years-old Teleborg Castle attracted our attention.
The castle was built as a wedding present from count Fredrik Bonde af Björnö to his wife Anna Koskull. How touching! 
Eventually, the weather cleared up a bit and as soon as the sun came out, the local mega-mosquitoes did too.
I managed to get a close-up of a (1 inch-long) specimen before it nailed me. (Honestly, this insect is not a mosquito but a look-alike and rather harmless Water Strider)
Our elevenses was a refreshing herb tea with some old bread and biscuits.
Then we were on the road again, still heading south through almost endless forests ...
... with impressive stonewalls everywhere; dating back to the old hardship days when farmers had to clear an area for glacier-deposited rocks before a field could be cultivated.
Along the trail, horses were the most common mammal spotted, often equipped with a fancy anti-fly head gear.
This happy pig was oinking away while messing around for roots, worms, nuts and whatnots.
Lunch came upon us in the village of Ingelstad. The locally baked cardamum rolls disappeared quickly and were chased down by the dairy products ...
... while we enjoyed this typical Smålandic lake view.
Still another rain shower precipitated on us and the missis needed to don the rain gear once more.
We passed Lidhemssjöen that harboured large groups of Greylag Geese ...
... and the adjacent wheat field was completely infested by masses of the beautiful "Bachelor's Button".
The only house in Snappahem was passed at a blink ...
... and soon after the Things arrived in Tingsryd after 63 wet-dry-wet kilometers on the trail.