For the time being, home is now here.
Playa Mantas at low tide yesterday morning when we took a morning hike before the heat became almost unbearable. We're still adjusting to the high humidity and the high temperatures.
From mid morning until mid afternoon, we're perched on the porch letting the wildlife fly by. These hours double as an extended siesta. 
As retirees, we are entitled to take it easy whenever we feel like it and fill up with healthy fruits such as granadillas (orange colour) and guanabana (the white stuff that looks like a decomposing fish).
We have a lively household 24/7. Around the clock ants work tirelessly up and down the walls, back and forth on the floor. There are two ant species indoors: a 10mm long kind and then some tiny ones; the latter like to venture into the laptop through the various slots and openings, but so far they haven't created problems. Luckily we also have a handful of house geckos both in- and outdoors and they are busy keeping our insect population down to a reasonable level.
I've started exploring in the general area and encounter many new species every day.
This Cuban Cigar plant was unknown to me until this afternoon.
This evening I hiked in the jungle with a local guide to see snakes and nocturnal species.
Unfortunately, we didn't come across any reptiles, but we did see spooky stuff ...
... like this Tailless Whipscorpion.

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The three MC explorers report that all is well. Today's challenge was apparently rapelling through some waterfalls. – Sounds wet and wild.