While waiting for G-Day to come we've seen whatever we could see and have gone wherever we could go.
We've been shopping in the absolutely overwhelmingly huge Walmart.
We've had sushi at the Samurai of Tokyo.
Mumse has had her excitement flying a T-38 in the simulator.
GER has introduced us to the aircraft where he earned his wings.
Everyone wears a hat, barrett, beanie, cap or other headware and salutes up-rank. But this exact spot is a "No hat / No salute area", a sanctuary where all are equal.
We stay in this spacious house. The car is the famous "Danskerbil" whose interior stays in place thanks to several rolls of gaffa-tape.
Christmas is approaching rapidly, and last night I was so happy to encounter Jiminy Cricket on the kitchen floor. He would've entertained us all night with his high-pitched voice, had he not jumped into the waste bin and disappeared.