G-Day etc.

Thursday December 22 was G-Day.
G for GER and G for Graduation.
It turned out to be a long but very happy day for all of us.
Following some social behaviour and introductions about the pilot training we were watching the aircraft perform.
Both the jet rainer T-38 ...
... and the prop trainer T-6.
Before the formal graduation event, GER needed some banana fuel.
GER was one of 23 graduating pilots; 20 Americans, 2 Canadians,
and 1 Dane.
His older brother MOL had the honour of giving him the official wings during the ceremony.
Following the wings, six trophies were given to the best pilot.
David became the pilot ace of the year, because he was awarded five of the six trophies.
Pretty cool !!
We were all VERY proud !!
After some serious partying we flew towards Costa Rica the next morning
– and that's where we are now.

Stay tuned.