Hoover Dam and beyond

Today has been hot like yesterday. Temperatures sore between 37°C and 42°C so folks from cooler parts of the world suffer. We began the day early by having breakfast downtown Kingman where  people were flagging both the Danish flag and the Confederate flag; the latter as a protest towards the northern states and a signal of old pre-civil war traditions and values.
Heading north along US93 took us by the ghost town of Chloride where even the ghosts seem to have abandoned the old mining village.
On the Arizona-Nevada border we visited the impressive Hoover Dam that has harnessed the powers of the mighty Colorado River for about 80 years.
The water level in the dammed Lake Mead is quite low because of years of draughts and continued excessive use of water by greater Las Vegas. All of the city's water supply comes from this reservoir so the decreasing amount of stored water should create concern.
By late afternoon we were back in our hotel in Las Vegas ...
The view from my balcony at the 18th floor.
... and soon crossed the boulevard to disappear from the scorching heat into the A/C coolness of 'The Miracle Mile' to have dinner.

Just a tiny part of the fantastic shopping streets inside Miracle Mile.
We managed to avoid eating at this place ...
... and had very good Japanese sushi etc. instead.
Afterwards we enjoyed a stroll along The Strip to watch the amazing street life in this city.

 We watched the water music in front of Bellagio ...
 ... and, as a goodbye picture from this great road and photo trip, here's Las Vegas' own Eiffel Tower.
. : 0 : .
In about three months' time I will be blogging from France.
So check in again later.