Navajo lands

We left Page by mid morning and headed eastwards through the vast lands owned by the Navajo tribe. We passed south of the prominent Navajo Mountain ...
Naatsis' áán, also known as Navajo Mountain, seen from a Navajo shack.
... and continued for almost 200 km of dry ranges with occasional small herds of cattle, horses, sheep and goats. Here and there Navajo women had small wayside booths where they sold tribal handicraft.
These are the ranges where the Indian chieftain Geronimo and his warriors fought against the US and the Mexican forces about 140 years ago in order to save their sacred homeland from the invading white settlers. – They lost that battle !
The ochre soil and red rock colours dominated the landscape here. 
Although the ground was dry and parched by the sun we did encounter some rain showers before we headed into a valley of monumental dimensions.
Monument Valley lies afore us in all its grandeur with the buttes and the mesas on the flat and vast valley floor.
We are now parked in the tiny settlement of Gouldings (just north of the Utah-Arizona state line) in between some beautiful rocks and we will be exploring tonight for photo opportunities both before and after sunset.