Tuba City

Snow continued pouring down most of the evening but around sunrise we woke up to a crisp blue sky and very moderate temperatures. We had the coldest night so far – but after the morning coffee we realized that a new and lovely day in the valley had begun.
The tiny Monument Valley aerodrome with the mighty Chieftain on guard.
The sun soon removed the new snow and we said goodbye to "The Chieftain" and all the other buttes and mesas in Monument valley and set a southbound course along US 163.
 Eleven km north of the town Kayenta this monster of an ancient volcano plug stands 450+ meters above the valley floor. Her name is Agathla Peak and she is 25 million years old.
Last night's snowfall still sticks to the shaded and cool north side of the peak.
After a quite uneventful drive on the straight, straight US 160 route we came by these wayside remains of an elephant. The two erosion stubs of sandstone are officially named "Elephant Feet". We looked around but couldn't find the rest of the animal.
By mid afternoon we arrived in the town of Tuba City which is not really interesting but does have an internet café as well as an RV park. We'll spend the night here and head on to Grand Canyon tomorrow.