The Strip

This city has to be the world's capital of hedonism !
Walking the main boulevard, commonly known as "The Strip" reveals all kinds of peoples seemingly focussed on indulging in almost any vice that money can buy an easy access to.
Combine this impression with an architecture that breaks most rules of what I generally consider good taste; then you've got the Las Vegas cacophony bombarding the senses.

During daylight hours, the Strip is lively but the real rush hours occur after sunset when human beings of all shapes cruise the asphalt and pavements homing in to hook potential customers for shows – and citizens of the world strolling along the Strip looking for opportunities to spend their money boosting their hedonistic desires.

Do I sound like a grumpy old man? 
– Well, I may be; and I'm looking forward to hit the road later today
... going beyond the northeast horizon to indulge in the quiet and soothing desert landscape.
:-) ... ENJOY ... (-: