Last night I did eat a big load of cassoulet – and today I have had strange gut feelings ;-)
... but it was surprisingly tasty
The fields of millet, onion and sunflower are now gone and we are again in a wine producing terroir.
Our route continued to be a very bad dirt track along the canal so we didn't arrive in the world famous town of Carcassonne until early afternoon. Here is much to see, but there are too many tourists!
The fortified Carcassonne is the largest of its kind in Europe and is also a UNESCO world heritage. However, it is also a tourist trap !
From other bike tourists we were told that tomorrow's stage will be a lot of detours because of extensive cutting down of trees along the canal, so we have decided to cycle on backcountry roads and find our way to Homps (our next stop) on our own.
Every night, the Carcassonne castle (which is near our hotel) is illuminated  – and it is quite a sight !!