Lying low in Homps

Low pressure, low energy, low pace. We're spending a low level day in the sleepy village of Homps.
Presumably, Homps survives because of three local factors: the local super marché, the local canal harbour, and the local wine producers' cooperative. The latter is now processing the harvested red grapes and the strong smell of fermenting grape juice covers the entire village.
We had planned to bike to the fortified Cathar town Minerve (20 km north of here) today, but a thunderstorm with strong winds made the option not-so-tempting. We will make the trip (by car) to the last Cathar stronghold when we will be staying in Perpignan next month.
This is about how much action there is in downtown Homps
Another night at the Auberge and we will be off to Narbonne, the ancient town that was the capital in the Roman province of Gallia.
Dining in the Auberge is good.