Today was a loong and haard day ! A few really steep hills to climb (and none to descend, it seemed) but mostly just flat cycle ways along the Canal de Garonne.

We passed numerous apple orchards, tomato and corn farms and sunflower fields (ready for seed harvest and oil production). This region is quite a larder for France.

We crossed several locks, shopped at a local bakery, visited a famous Rembrandt painting in a tiny old church, had lunch – and covered a little more than 60 km today that brought us to the old and fortified village (bastide) of Sérignac-sur-Garonne.
We felt quite used when we finally dragged ourselves and the bikes into the courtyard of hotel Le Prince Noir, feeble wrecks after the vicissitudes of this stage of our Tour de France.

However, after a couple of showers and a shut-eye we were as good as new and more than ready to ingest a delicious gourmet dinner, complete with blood pudding, prunes and the world famous local red wine from the village.
Tomorrow yet another beautiful and warm day will be awaiting us !