Another 60+ km demanded our resources today, but the beautiful weather and the flat landscape helped quite a bit. We have biked along very extensive kiwi plantations; poor those who will be fruit pickers in that wilderness, it must be a TOUGH job – and in the heat of the day.
Stopped in the town Agen for a cultural injection at the Musée des Beaux-Arts with a very impressive collection for a provincial museum.
Enjoyed lunch in the shade of the plane trees along the canal and then spent a long, warm but splendid afternoon pedaling past a number of locks and much beautiful landscape.
Arrived at our hotel Le Moulin à Moissac which is right on the river Tarn (that joins Garonne river in this town). Our room has a magnificent view and literary excerpts painted on the walls.

This blog entry is being written on the terrace (in the shade) with a Gin & Tonic at hand and the river at foot. Looking forward to having a full plate served tonight in the restaurant ...  :-)
Tomorrow, Toulouse will be the destination.