Grand views

Since yesterday morning when we sped out of Tuba City to reach the east entrance of Grand Canyon National Park we've had no internet or cell phone connection. Thus the lack of a blog update.
The Desert View watchtower provided a beautiful lookout over the eastern part of the mind-blowing canyon. We stayed at the local campground and enjoyed walks along the rim of the abyss. At sunset we were ready at Lipan Point with cameras and tripods to capture the magnificent moments of low warm light.

Next morning (i.e. today Saturday), after a cold night, we drove to Grand Canyon Village, parked the vehicle ...
... checked our vertigometers, visited the visitors' centre as well as a café or two, – and took a long rim walk. Weather was absolutely perfect for promenading.

Two young tourists play dare-devils at the edge of a 300 m free fall.
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Mid afternoon we departed the grand canyon and headed south to Route 66 where we are now in the historical town of Williams.
Most activity here is centered around the old mother-of-interstate-highways US Route 66 with all the needed paraphernalia such as classic cars, spiced-up pick-ups, 
... and Harley-Davidson motorbikes ad libitum.
The day ended for us with a classic 66 dinner at "Cruiser's":
Pulled pork burger and some apple pie. Yummy!!