Monumental moments

After last night's late fieldwork in the dark we had a slow morning.
The weather changed overnight and today we've had a cavalcade of high overcast, low clouds, howling winds, streaks of sunlight, rain, sleet – and snow! Quite a concoction of a May day.
We spent most of the afternoon in the Monument Valley Tribal Park amongst the Tsé Bit' Ndzisgaii (the rocks with white streaks), these humongous brutes of rocks that protrude 300 meters vertically from the valley floor.

Later on we drove northeast towards Mexican Hat but didn't make it farther than about 10 miles because the weather changed for the worse with very strong winds and rain.
We U-turned and made the Navajo View Hotel's restaurant our immediate destination.
While we dined it began snowing heavily like it hadn't done all winter.
After the apple pie we headed "home", parked the RV and are now spending a cosy evening inside with the heater on and the laptops full of photos to be organized.